Ask The Questions

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How long does it last?

Interior films are designed to be installed for a “long term use”. They are often guaranteed for 5 years or more and not being exposed to any elements can be left on indefinitely.

What preparation is required?

Provided that there are no cracks or flaking surfaces on the area where the film is to be installed, no preparation is required. They can be applied straight over the top of most interior surfaces – even if lacquers and varnishes have yellowed or changed appearance.

How long does it take to install?

One fitter can install up to 25m² of interior vinyl over flat surfaces and around half this amount in confined spaces and over more complex shapes.

Can I match current finish?

Yes. 100s of different wood finishes are available so the wood tone can be matched (although with the saving over traditional methods it makes sense to simply cover a whole room instead of 1 or 2 panels).

Can it be used on outside furniture?

Yes. Certain films are guaranteed for outdoor use making them great for things like table tops and bar surfaces and normal references can also be weather-proofed making them great quick fix solutions